Something Over/Done

Things that are overdone:

  1. Gender Reveal Parties
  2. Awards shows & the Cause O’ the Day that celebrities will speech about
  3. Ambulance chasing lawyer commercials during the morning news
  4. White guys doing podcasts
  5. My Father in Law’s steaks
  6. Tall people
  7. The Bachelor
  8. Movies that are more than a trilogy
  9. Songs about love
  10. Songs about lost love

Things that are over/done:

  1. April’s Cheer Pepper Challenge!

Who hoo!! I am really not a prompt person. Taking on this prompt list was something I had to make myself do. And guys, I had fun! I loved the support and I really hope I can take some of this energy into May.

Congratulations to all the Cheer Peppers who completed this challenge. With all the changes we’ve been through this past month, I think we all did a fabulous job. Give yourself a pat on the back!

2 thoughts on “Something Over/Done

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