What’s This?! What’s This?!

When I was a kid, my favorite kind of snowflakes were those fat, slow, wet ones. When they would start to fall, I would bundle up, go outside, lay on my back and stare at the sky.

In my head, I would make believe that each flake was a small alien and Earth was being invaded. How could we ever fight back against such a vast army? All hope is lost!

Just lie here and let them wash over you. Succumb to their alien advancement. You shall be buried in extra terrestrial bodies. Oh, the humanity!

One has gone into my eye. One has gone up my nose. One has gone into my mouth.

My mouth!

We are not lost! We can EAT them!

Commence Operation: Alien Devour.

This is when I would jump up and chomp at the sky. When a sufficient number of aliens had been slain, I would declare victory for all humankind.

Our snow suited hero has saved the day!

That’s when the flakes turned from aliens to ticker tape and a triumphant sled parade would ensue.


Last night it snowed. Just a little.

Alien scouts, no doubt.


13 thoughts on “What’s This?! What’s This?!

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