Here We Go

I figured that I would start here, on November 5th. It seems as good a place as any.

I love being on time to appointments – doctors, hair stylists, car repair – as long as I have been told to be somewhere at a certain time by someone who has some sort of specialty training, I will be on time.

Anything else? Well, some call it “fashionably late”. I call it, “not wanting to appear over eager” or sometimes I’ll pronounce it as “I was busy”.

So, this time “I was busy”. You see, I was finishing up my Inktober spread on the October page of my year long journey of creativity in a desk calendar. Nothing super exciting, but I really wanted to finish that before moving on to November’s head space and this year’s NanoPoblano.

But now, here I am!

I have to start with my Inktober experience this year, because I had a wonderful time with it.

Pen and ink are really not my medium. I like squishy things. Forgiving mediums. Mediums where one accidental slip of a pinky can create magic.


Oil pastels.

Water soluble anything.

Ink is so permanent. Once you lay a line, it’s there. You can’t squash it around and force it to be the way you thought it should be. You can’t transform it with water. You can’t add a little of this or a little of that to create something entirely new. You can try to draw over it, but it’s still there. In the same incorrect form as it was when you made it. If you’ve messed it up just right, you can still see it through your over drawings.

There’s no turning around the Doubt Train in that situation.

You could let it eat you.

Or, hear me out, you could be a unicorn in a world full of clowns.

I’m really not sure what that even means, but I still had fun with it and enjoyed flexing some skills that do not come naturally to me.

For November’s calendar page, I decided to write a haiku in each daily square. I’ve been writing them, actually, on separate pieces of paper while finishing up October. I was going to write them into my calendar today.

I turned the page to November and found a big “d’oh!”

How to cover the pen/marker bleed through?

Guess “I’m busy” again…Oy.


Check out the fun at

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